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We need Help! Besides the essential tasks of praying and supporting there are many other things that you can to do to help this ministry. Here's just a few that we need help on now.

If you're able to help with any of these please use our contact information page to let us know of your interest. We would be glad to talk with you about how you might be able to help.
Checker If you have access to a computer and email, you could be an important part of supporting this work. We need folk who are able to receive our prayer letter via email, check it for spelling, grammar and understandability and then email the changes back to us in a few days. To be a Checker you can't be afraid of pointing out errors. A critical eye as well as being perceptive is important. You need to check your email several times a week to help us with this task. Researcher If you have the capability to do Internet searches, as well as occasionally a local department store for some items we may need you could be of great help. Our Internet access in Zambia is not very good and we are unable to research things easily. You may also know of contacts that we do not. Please do not underestimate how God can use you by helping us in this task! Stateside Supporter Person We need someone to help pick us up a the airport when we return to the USA, someone to help us look for a vehicle and many other tasks. If you drive or use a telephone you may be able to help with this need. Care giver We have special needs in our home states of Ohio or New Jersey and if you can give care, or help in special ways write us and let us know and we'll tell you more. Secretary We need someone to help with tasks like this:
  1. Typing documents into a computer and sending us files via email.
  2. Contacting pastors and church offices for booking services.
  3. Scheduling and travel arrangements.
  4. Finding accommodations for us.
Builder/Construction Worker We need help with this for overseas ministry. Contact us to learn how you might help with an overseas construction project.

Think you can help with any of these things? Then don't hesitate to respond.
God may be leading you to be a key worker in His Kingdom.