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Take a Missions Test Here are some questions to test your mission knowledge Here are some questions to test your mission knowledge 1.  Jesus gave us the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the Good News, to baptize believers and to teach them. What Bible verse is it found in? a. Matthew 28:19-20
c. Luke 2:52
b. John 3:16
d. Ephesians 2:8
2.  The Great Commission won't be completed until a. Every person has accepted the Lord
b. Every person has at least heard the story of Jesus
c. The Bible is translated into every language
d. None of these.
3.  How many of the world’s people groups have a church within their culture? a. About one third
c. Three-fourths
b. One half
d. Less than one tenth
4.  God's plan to reach the whole world was revealed as early as a. The birth of Jesus
c. The time of Abraham
b. The birth of the Church at Pentecost
d. The time of Moses
5.  Our motive for missionary work should be based upon a. Our love for God
b. Our love for other people who don’t know God
c. Our desire for rewards in heaven
d. The desire to have some adventure in life
6.  Missionaries are a. Crazy
b. Too spiritual to stay in their home land
c. Bleeding hearts
d. Common Christians who take Jesus ' command to reach the world seriously
7.  Paul, the Apostle, received missionary support from what church? a. Corinthian
c. Phillippian
b. American
d. Baptist
8.  Jesus said the Gospel must be preached to every nation. The word nation in the Greek language actually means a. Country
c. Ethnic group
b. Political group
d. Village
9.  The Bible teaches that in heaven there will be people from a. One third of the world’s ethnic groups
c. 99.95% of the world ethnic groups
b. One half of the world’s ethnic groups
d. Every ethnic group
True or False: 10. Jesus wants us to make sure our own people are believers first before we do missionary work.
11. God can accomplish the Great Commission without us.
12. The Bible has been translated into every language
13. Missions is the same as giving to the poor.
14. There's no difference between evangelism and missions.
15. God can use you to do missionary work.
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