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Recent Work Batwa Survey
Ken takes an interview of Batwa people.
Ken and our Zambian co-workers traveled to the visit the Batwa people of the Kafue River basin. The language of the Batwa people, called "Chitwa" is closely related to the Ila and Tonga languages. Both Ila and Tonga have scriptures but Chitwa has never had any translation work done in it.

During the trip we gathered word lists to analyze the language and compare it scientifically with neighboring languages. We want to see just how close the language is an whether or not the Batwa people need their own translation.

We also gathered much information from the Batwa people on their perceptions of the language and culture.

When we visited the Batwa areas in December 2012 for the fist time everyone was out plowing with their oxen.
After analyzing all the data we have to decide what is the best approach for a Bible translation project if one is to be done. The decision is left largely up to the people themselves. If they are not willing to support the Bible translation project we may need to consider other alternatives. It is important that the people support the project with their own resources if they are to "own" the project and read the Bible when it is completed.

Everything must be done properly and well. We wouldn't want to invest the time and finances into a translation project if it was not needed, if the language would soon disappear or if the local people were not supportive.
Kunda & Toka-Leya Projects We have also completed linguistic surveys among two other larger groups: the Kunda of Zambia's Eastern Province and the Toka-Leya of Zambia's Southern Province. Work among the Kunda is going well thanks to the fine committee that the Lord has assembled. We are just beginning to make contact with more key Toka-Leya people to see if they would like to start a Bible translation project.