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Partners In Bible Translation Your Missionaries bringing God's Word to the unreached
Be a part of the Work Be a partner! Partners are people like you. You can be a part of this work by being partners in missions with us!!! We need faithful people who can pray and partner financially on a regular basis. Or you can give a special gift for a particular project. Some projects include village literacy, a special off-road camper and a boat that will enable us to reach remote areas with the Gospel, or making a way for translators to receive more training. Email us to find out specific details of what the latest needs are.

We've been full time missionaries for over 29 years and during that time the Lord has provided for the needs of the work. We've never once seen these needs fulfilled by gifts falling out of the sky but God sends them through the hearts and hands of ordinary folks like you who want to be involved.

If you have a burden to see the Lord glorified to the ends of the earth then you could be a partner with us. We need friends that can partner monthly, annually or for special needs. Those interested in partnering financially with us may send contributions to: Partners in Bible Translation
PO Box 455
Richmond, OH 43944

Phone: 740-314-7400
You can also give online through this link: You can also give now online with a credit card through PayPal Click here ---->
PayPal allows you to give a gift with your credit card to our email address You do not need to have your own PayPal account.

Click on this PayPal logo to begin and then use their "Send Money" option.